Today internet has been seen as a positive influence on education. Students are encouraged to get information and knowledge from the internet. My school also encourages us to use the internet.

Recently, I was in my class. It was a social studies class. Our teacher told us to get information about our districts and submit a data-based report.

I thought of NepalMap. NepalMap is a project of Code for Nepal, a nonprofit that works to increase digital literacy and use of open data. I used NepalMap to find more information about my district. Among many things, I learned about population, income per capita, access to water, poverty and literacy rates of my district.

When I spoke with my friends, they did not know where to find out data about their district.

My friends were very stressed about their social studies class homework because they did not have complete information. They did not know about NepalMap so I gave them an idea what it is and I told them that NepalMap has information broken by categories like demography, human, and development. I also told them that NepalMap contextualizes data and visualizes data so it’s easy to understand the situation of a district.

All my friends used NepalMap to search about the information they required.

Next day all my classmates had finished their homework and they told me that NepalMap was very helpful. I heard from my classmates recently that they have been using it since then to get various information about different districts of Nepal.

Have you used NepalMap to do your homework?