Rahat Payo: 

In August-September 2015, Code for Nepal conducted a pilot survey project in Nepal to gather data on earthquake survivors’ receipt of relief in the initial weeks and months following the April and May 2015 earthquakes. We designed the pilot survey to capture how the involved stakeholders provided immediate relief and to identify any unmet needs among survivors.

This pilot was the first step in Code for Nepal’s larger initiative “Rahat Payo?” (Did you get relief?). Rahat Payo is a multi-year project. It aims to fill the gaps that exist in the aid distribution, relief and recovery process in the aftermath of the earthquake. Our intent is to start critical conversations in Nepal around earthquake relief and reconstruction efforts, to ensure that aid reaches those in need in an equitable and efficient manner.

Ranking Schools: 

Code of Nepal strongly supports technological advancement that improves services. The organization has launched a prototype of an application to rank schools in Nepal on its website. The application illustrates the average school scores based on the ranking by districts situated in  Nepal. It is an open data that can be accessed and shared by general public.