Everyone can contribute. You can too!

No matter where you are in the world, if you are a solution person, you can make an impact on Nepal.

Code for Nepal seeks to provide technological platforms to improve the lives of people in Nepal.

Founders Mia and Ravi traveled to Nepal in January 2014 to better understand the landscape of Internet access and open data. Through meeting with tech companies, students, journalists, and women’s groups, we quickly realized that the digital divide in Nepal ran deep — women, poor people, rural people, and minorities had limited access to the Internet and digital training. After returning to the U.S., we launched Code for Nepal in February 2014.

Code for Nepal is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization registered in the U.S., and our partner organization in Nepal is Open Knowledge Nepal.

Who We Are

We are dreamers, innovators, risk takers, writers, marketers, activists, teachers, public policy experts, designers, coders, data scientists. Overall, we are a group of volunteers who believe that by working together selflessly, we can help Nepal make progress where everyone will have access to opportunities. We believe in using data and technology to tackle challenges. Meet our team.

What We Do

We are open to hearing your ideas and working with you to make them a reality. Let us tell you what we have been doing recently:

Code for Nepal community members around the world work together to:

  • solve problems by building a new product or app;
  • organize events to bring people together and share ideas;
  • organize campaigns or competitions to encourage people to test their ideas and get rewarded.

How you can join and help Nepal

We believe everyone can contribute! You can too! Whether you are a writer, marketer, data analyst, historian, artist or whatever, you can join! Our Code for Nepal global team and chapters all need help.

If you would like to support our general operations, as a

If you would like to support our chapter or project, click on projects or chapters and join them!

If you want to start a chapter, click here!

Alternatively, you have other ideas or you would like us to match a project with you, please complete this form.