“Kata Nepali?” Short Video Competition

Purpose: The purpose of the short video competition is to encourage people to use available digital tools like cell phone, computer, and iPad, etc., and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and web to promote civic engagement, produce authentic content and voice to strengthen the culture of public debate and discussion.

Question for the competition:
Tell us what is your vision and aspiration for Nepal?

Participants can create a short documentary, a visual story, a poem, a song, or a single act or compose oratory to answer above mentioned questions creativity. Don’t hesitate to think outside the box! 🙂

Video Length: 3 minutes (Maximum)

The competition is open to Nepali videographers, living in Nepal or abroad, who is 14 years old and above. Videos can be submitted in Bhojpuri, English, Maithili, Nepali, or Tamang.

-There is no charge or fee to participate in this competition.
-The video should respond to the question: What is your vision and aspiration for Nepal?
-The video should not be longer than 3 minutes. Videos can be in Bhojpuri, English, Maithili, Nepali, or Tamang.
-Stealing or copying others work is plagiarism, and those submissions will automatically disqualify participants from the competition.
-Participants can submit only one video for consideration.
-Group submission is permitted under team lead name.
-Code for Nepal’s staff, interns, advisors, and their relatives are not eligible to apply.

Prizes for video winners

1st prize: Rs 20,000 and certificate
2nd Prize: Rs 7,000 and certificate
3rd Prize: Rs 3,000 and certificate

How to prepare for video submissions:

  • Think about Nepal. Imagine what kind of country you would want Nepal to be in the next 20 or 50 years from now?  Discuss it with your friends and family. Write one or two paragraphs on what you think will make Nepal a great place to live for all Nepali.
  • Brainstorm, sit back, relax. Take a walk.  Look around for some inspiration.
  • Create a poem, story, song or a powerful speech. Be creative. Don’t  be afraid to experiment.
  • Rehearse and practice
  • Now, find a quiet and bright place. Give your smartphone/video camera to a relative/friend. Ask him/her to record while you speak out your thoughts.
  • You could also create a documentary/film that is 3 min or less that portray what you envision for Nepal’s future
  • Upload it to YouTube. Copt the video’s link in the form below and submit your participation through the form. Complete and submit the form and send it to us.

If you need inspiration, watch these videos from last year “ Ko Nepali” video competition

Who is Nepali video by Pukar Rai: http://bit.ly/2AXGU8Q

Competition opens: 7th December 2017

Competition closes:  31st December 2017

Final result: 14th Feb 2018

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