Yogina Shakya, one of our grantee organized a digital empowerment training for 10 professional women in Dang. Yogina was one of our trainees this summer.

By Yogina Shakya
Code for Nepal Fellow, 2014

Empowering women with digital skills was a dream that kept my brain at unrest and my days full of preparation. Finally the day, 20th September arrived and we started the training. As per the plan, it was for 10 women that added up with 2 guest participants.

I was nervous. All the participants were older than me. What made feel slightly confident was that I knew more about digital tools and social media than anyone else in the room. The training began with a room full of positive vibes and a lot of curiosity about the topic.

At first, we talked about how the internet started and other numerous miracles born by internet. It has made a great impact in the lives of people in the 21st century, our life revolves around it. The session was full of queries and questions—that’s how I knew the training was interesting for the participants.

The training continued with more energy as we proceeded for the practical parts, looking after the social media sites and creating social media accounts.

As everyone wasn’t internet savvy it was a bit hard make sure everyone was on the same page. Thank to the team work of the participants while I was working with one, those who understood helped other participants.

Everyone found “blogs” really interesting. Most of the participants did not know you could write and publish something so easily. We also talked about professional skills and emails such as Outlook express.

During the feedback session most of them said they would love to get another session of the training. I agreed to do a follow up session to help them with anything they might need.

The training was not only about learning the digital skill but a celebration of womanhood as well. A training that was being facilitated by girl and has only women participants is way to show the changes being made in societies. Women have learned to be independent and be a leader.

After all, I believe the training was success even though I was nervous about organizing it.