5 most and least educated districts in Nepal

27 Feb 2015 - codefornepal

Most and least educated districts in Nepal

Students in Nepal. Photo Credit: DFAT, Australia

Since the 1950s, Nepal has worked aggressively to educate its people. We have made significant progress. Just consider this, in 1952/1954, the total literate population in Nepal was 5.3%. Now, it’s more than 55% of the population.

So have you wondered how many people in a given district were literate in 2013?

We analyzed data from UNESCO to visualize the status of literacy in Nepal. The data (pdf) is from 2013. Here is a Google doc of the data.

Not surprisingly, Kathmandu is the most educated district in Nepal followed by Lalitpur and Kaski.

Here are the 5 most educated districts in Nepal. 

  1. Kathmandu
  2. Lalitpur
  3. Kaski
  4. Bhaktapur
  5. Ilam

And here are the 5 least educated districts. 

  1. Rauthat
  2. Sarlahi
  3. Mahottari
  4. Humla
  5. Siraha

Check out the map for literacy rates of 75 districts in Nepal. You will also find female and male literacy rates.

As the map shows, many districts have lower literacy rates. Lack of infrastructure, instability and lack of good teachers are some of the causes of low literacy rates in many districts in Nepal. Here is a video by Al Jazeera that sheds some light on problems of Nepali education sector.

The good news is there are many organizations working to increase literacy level. For instance, Grassroot Movement in Nepal has so far rebuilt more than 25 schools in villages. And Teach for Nepal  is working to increase quality of education.


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