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05 Feb 2017 - Asmita Gauchan

Thank you for your interest.

We, at Code for Nepal, believe gender should not be a determinant in the kind of career opportunities that one gets to pursue. As things stand in Nepal, however, women are severely disadvantaged in virtually all aspects of life. Glaring gender gaps in employment within various fields is a bleak reality. In an effort to tip the scales in favor of promising, motivated young women who do not get as many opportunities as their male counterparts, we are partnering with TECHRISE, a local private entity in Nepal to equip young women with advanced web development skills.

Code for Nepal’s Women in Tech Scholarship will award selected recipients with the opportunity to attend TECHRISE’s 8-week Immersive Core Program, wherein they will have access to mentors as well as the chance to connect with other aspiring developers.

Applicants do not need to have any prior programming background, but a good understanding of how to use a computer is a must. The scholarship is being planned to roll out in batches of 5, so our first batch of recipients will comprise of 5 students. An additional 5 recipients will be selected when the first batch has completed training, and we will continue this process until we have funded 25 women.

Additionally, applicants will also need to fulfill the following minimum requirements to be considered for the scholarship:

1) Applicants must have their own computers/laptops.

2) Must be able to read English.

3) Applicants should be able to devote approximately 15 hours a week on the program.

Application deadline is March 12, 2017. Code for Nepal is anticipating great things from this collaboration with TECHRISE.

For more information, please check out this post.

Applications have now been closed for this round of Code for Nepal’s Women in Tech Scholarship.