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Monsoons, floods, and landslides across southern Nepal have killed at least 123 people (PDF in Nepali), and affected at least six million across the country (approximately one in five Nepalis).

Based on the data available on Nepal Disaster Risk Reduction Portal, more than 13,000 private houses are damaged or destroyed, and over 1,600 cattle have been lost.

Residents of Province No. 2, where poverty and illiteracy rates are some of the highest in the country, appear to have lost the most.

Rauthat, has seen the highest number of deaths due to monsoons and floods, with 15 reported deaths in the district. In Rauthat, one in three people lives in poverty. Muslims, one of the most marginalized groups in the country, make up 20 percent of the population.

We are presenting evidence-based analysis because we strongly believe relief and recovery should be guided by data, as we advocated in the aftermath of the tragic earthquakes in Nepal in 2015. Check out this document to see how you can help. Click here to donate

We hope everyone involved in the relief and recovery effort will use data to guide their efforts. You can find source data including VDC level data in this Google doc.

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These are the districts with the highest number of deaths:

District Total deaths
Rautahat 15
Sunsari 8
Morang 7
Jhapa 7
Parsa 5
Sarlahi 5
Banke 5


These are the districts where the highest number of private houses are fully or partially damaged: 

District Private Houses Fully or Partially Damaged
Morang 2861
Kailali 2550
Saptari 2444
Jhapa 2381
Udayapur 490


Check out these maps to see what type of foundation, roof, and type of wall houses usually have in these districts. And refer to this map to find out in what percentage of residents have access to safe drinking water in these districts.

Here’s an interactive map that shows the reported number of human deaths, cattle losses, and houses damaged by monsoon, flood, and landslide. The map is based on data available as of August 14, 2017, on