Pond in Janakpur Dham Credit: Badal Gyawali

Washington, USA, October 29, 2017 – Code for Nepal today announced that Code for Nepal and partners are launching Visit Janakpur (https://www.visitjanakpur.com/)  to digitize the city and area to attract more tourists, help local businesses and people in Nepal.

As Nepal plans to attract 1.5 million tourists by 2020, Janakpur could benefit the country and itself by doing all it can to attract more tourists. Realizing this potential, Code for Nepal and partners are launching Visit Janakpur. As part of the initiative, they also plan to train local businesses to improve their services in the near future.

“Visit Janakpur is a project initiated by Code for Nepal to digitize the city to attract more tourists, help local businesses and people in Nepal. To maximize the benefit of the project, we are partnering with Province 2 Government and Janakpurdham Sub-Metropolitan City, ” said Roshan Ghimire, director of Code for Nepal. Organizations like Appan TV, Internet Market Today, StoryCycle, FACTS Nepal, Sano Paila, ANTA, Code for Janakpur and others are partners of this project.

On October 27-29, a group of volunteers gathered to build digital maps of Janakpur, take photos and videos, and publish essays about the temples and ponds of this historic city.  As a team volunteers built 542 map points, 55 plus 360-degree imageries, 12 video stories. Honorable Mayor of Janakpur Dham officially launched www.visitjanakpur.com at the workshop after thanking volunteers and organizers for their work to promote tourism in Janakpur Dham.

“As a digital marketing entrepreneur, it’s a privilege for me to work on a project to promote my hometown to the global audience,” said Amit Jha, Founder & CEO of Internet Market Today.

“Janakpur has the potential to be a major attraction for religious tourism in Nepal,” Navin Shah, founder of Appan TV said. “Visit Janakpur is a great initiative to attract more tourists to Janakpur area.”  


Roshan Ghimire

Director of Operations and Partnerships

Code for Nepal


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