We are all familiar with the question ‘Who came first- the egg or the chicken’? Well, it is impossible to answer this question but meanwhile, we have some egg-citing information for you.

People in Nepal generally consume duck and hen eggs. Nepal produces a total of 1,308,072,000 eggs annually, according to Ministry of Agriculture [PDF]. This number is contributed by the commercial farming done in various districts.

The top 10 districts responsible for producing the most number of eggs in Nepal are as follows.

District                                   Total Eggs

                                             (Including duck and hen egg)


Chitwan                                41,217,5000

Makwanpur                         5,810,6000

Dang                                     55047000

Udaypur                              50236000

Kaski                                    43151000

Nawalparasi                       41946000

Kathmandu                        41233000

Bhaktapur                          40995000

Kavrepalanchowk             35988000

Morang                              33652000


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