The purpose of the #VisitJanakpur Social Media Photo Challenge is to encourage participants to photograph Janakpur Dham and area and publish on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook using hashtags #VisitJanakpur and #VisitNepal2020. Both of these hashtags must be used. The photo can be of anything such as: food, temples, art, ponds or people.

Who can apply

Everyone except members and families of organizer and co-organizer of this challenge.

How to apply

From October 30  to December 31, participants need to take photos of Janakpur Dham and area and post on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook using hashtags #VisitJanakpur and #VisitNepal2020.

A participant has to post minimum of five photos of five different things to qualify. For example, a participant can take photos of temple, pond, food, people, houses or neighborhoods.

Photos published between October 30 to December 31 will be judged for this social media challenge.

Participants need to email their 5 best photos to contact@codefornepal.org  with the subject- “Entry for Visit Janakpur Social Media Photo Challenge”

The post should have:

1-2 sentence description of the photo. See for example:

Twitter post: https://twitter.com/VisitJanakpur/status/1064458963704524800

Instagram post: https://www.instagram.com/p/BqW58qblrjB/

Facebook post: https://www.facebook.com/visitjanakpurdham/photos/a.1648374195400021/2257708451133256/?type=3&theater

Tag @VisitJanakpur on Instagram/Twitter

Guidelines to submit

You can take photos of people, food, temples, flowers, ponds, houses etc and post with a caption (description) that would help people understand what your photo is about. Use hashtags #VisitJanakpur and #VisitNepal2020. Also, please don’t watermark your submissions.


Deepika Gyawali

Sumit Sabita Shekhar

*Please do not contact the judges or ask them questions.  If you have questions, please email contact@codefornepal.org

Judging Criteria

Photos will be judged based on quality of photo and description of the photos.


Nrs 5,000 and certificate each to two top winners: One male and one female participant. Three additional participants would get certificates.

Winners will be announced in mid of January.