Code for Nepal launches Hawkins Fellowship for Young Women in Partnership with Insight Workshop

04 Mar 2019 - Roshan Ghimire

Contact: Roshan Ghimire


Code for Nepal launches Hawkins Fellowship in Partnership with Insight Workshop to Help Increase Women Talent in Tech Job Market in Nepal

Code for Nepal and Insight Workshop are pleased to announce the partnership  to launch Hawkins Fellowship to help increase women talent in the tech job market in Nepal.

Code for Nepal and Insight Workshop will select 15 women fellows in five batches, train them on open source and web development and soft skills and help them build their portfolio with hands-on training to enable them to compete in the job market. After successfully completing the fellowship, the fellows will also receive a monetary award.

“The rising demand for talent in the rapidly growing tech job market is a sign that we need to mobilize women, who are the population majority in Nepal, to seek the same opportunities that their male counterparts do. We are pleased to be able to continue supporting this movement in empowering women with knowledge and experience”, said Asmita Gauchan, Director of Strategy at Code for Nepal.

“Insight Workshop is extremely delighted to partner with Code for Nepal to train young and energetic women to become future leaders in product and technology,” said Sitaram Gautam, Chief Executive Officer, Insight Workshop

“We are glad to be able to continue our partnership with Insight Workshop to build talent for the future in the country,” said Roshan Ghimire, Director of Partnerships and Operations at Code for Nepal.

Details of the fellowship will be announced in early April.


About Code for Nepal:

Code for Nepal is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization registered in the United States. Code for Nepal works to increase digital literacy and the use of open data in Nepal.

About Insight Workshop:

Insight Workshop is a Kathmandu-based engineering company that primarily consults technology solutions to partners and companies around the world. Insight Workshop also runs an Academy to train future engineers and invests in local product development.