I applied for this workshop from both Insight website as well as from Code for Nepal fellowship. It was an amazing feeling to know that I had got selected for both. I thought “WOW! I can do this.” I felt more energetic: all I could feel was positive vibes.

From the very first day I was feeling very lucky to be part of this workshop. I took this as an opportunity to learn and groom myself in a real office environment. This was the time to implement my theoretical knowledge into practical world. I saw my big picture world i.e future through these tiny steps. I dreamt of being a software engineer since my school days. So this was a starting of my journey.

Talking about my first day at Insight Workshop, everyone was so welcoming.We were introduced with the previous batch of students, mentors and everyone else there. They shared their Experiences. There were more than 50% girls; it was a happy feeling. Everyone had the same dreams and these were tech enthusiasts with same passion to learn. There were positive vibes coming from everyone that we should learn and there was a team working environment. It was a different feeling.

The first month went by so fast.We learnt the basics of everything from Html, Css to Django Framework. We learnt how they work in real world and also learned project management basics from tools to practicals.We were assigned assignments and tasks. There were exams. And I even got chocolate and highest marks in the third test. I felt happy. Every Friday we had guest lectures from industry experts who shared their experiences. I loved how they shared everything with us, making us feel like their own family. They want us to grow and we were all motivated and learnt so many things from each and every person every single day. Every day was productive. It wasn’t hectic at all. The time was feasible and the environment was co-operative.

For the ongoing second month we are divided into team of two members.We have already been assigned projects to implement all our learnings. We have been given time about 4 weeks to complete this project. My only goal for this month is to complete this project with all the hard work I can put in and learn many things each and everyday to make it more productive.

I am grateful to Code for Nepal for selecting me as one of the Hawkins Fellow and giving me this opportunity.