After being selected as one of the Hawkins fellow, I searched for Insight workshop’s further background, course curriculum outline and its location to make sure I am going to the right place. In my view, most of the Nepali students get internship experiences where they just come to complete the syllabus of internship or the internship becomes a phase where students begin to lose their zeal in technology. Often, interns do not learn anything due to lack of guidance. I had a slight skepticism whether the workshop would be as promising as it looked. But when I entered Insight Workshop, it was nothing like what I have encountered in the past. It was fairly disparate from any other technology companies in Nepal. It was an ecstatic moment for me when I could see the academy was professionally equipped, provided with well defined resources and supported by highly experienced mentors.

I joined workshop one week behind the actual schedule which gave me a push to work extra hard to recover my absence. I remember meeting Basna, one of the other Hawkins fellows welcoming me with a sweet gesture and I could feel every other members being cooperative and competent on the first day of workshop.

The second week was productive in learning how to use Linux, Source Code maintenance in Git, how to use Skype effectively for communication and how to get access to full stack development tools and technologies. I got familiar with daily practices such as stand up session at sharp 10 AM in the morning with group members, using SCRUM board for personal and project development, mundane update of our progress at the end of day, Friday’s guest lectures and retro discussions on reflecting what went well or not over a week. It was completely a modern reality to perform task by teaming up with other members to solve problems both technical and non-technical.

On the third and fourth week, we were given Python assignments, Front end designs to clone and do objective tests. I learned to delegate my tasks and I planned to accomplish my objectives by the deadline using Trello and we were provided online learning materials by our instructors.  I don’t like to miss a single day; I love being on time and every moment, I am learning something new. I am not exaggerating about how tough and high yielding our profession is. However, I genuinely sensed my daily six hours at work. Though, nothing comes easy, we have to train ourselves to become auto-didactic, brainstorm ideas, comprehend programming skills, follow stern and unanimous working environment. Last week, we learned to do basic crucial features of web development and I believe that I can develop my very own project with required functionality.

Over the coming months, I have planned to upgrade my programming skills to take my project to next level, give my foremost at workplace, redraft my professional subjects like CV, LinkedIn profile and build an effective communication and networking environment. Overall, I have attained additional confidence and motivation to work harder in the tech field. I am pursuing this notion in the coming days to complete my purpose of being a Hawkins Fellow and a software engineering trainee.