Recognizing and thanking Code for Nepal Community members

In this post, we are highlighting Richa Neupane, our project manager!

Who are you and tell us how/where did you grow up?

I am Richa Neupane. I was born and raised in Kathmandu.

How did you become involved with Code for Nepal?

I became involved with Code for Nepal in 2015, when the team was gathering online volunteers for the April earthquake response at that time.

Code for Nepal is a volunteer-run organization, many of the volunteers have daytime jobs outside of Code for Nepal. Therefore, where is your passion and dedication for this organization derived from?

I joined Code for Nepal only days before I graduated college. Back then, I was in the US and I really saw a way to contribute to Nepal through Code for Nepal’s vision of ending the digital literacy gap. I talked to a few volunteers and the co-founders online and I was inspired by their passion for change.

What is your role in Code for Nepal? Do you see yourself changing this role anytime in the future?

I am the project manager at Code for Nepal. I have joined as a part-time staff and it may change in the future.

Where do you see Code for Nepal in the next few years and what can it do to improve?

Code for Nepal should continue the work it is doing now. In the next few years, I think it will reach more corners of Nepal through programs like Visit Janakpur. I think having an office set up in Nepal would be helpful. I really like the idea of being able to work for Nepal from wherever you are!

How is Code for Nepal different or special from other non-profits?

Code for Nepal is different in the way that it is very transparent and open to all. It has the ability to bring small quick changes as well as the larger systemic problems such as corruption and inaccessibility to resources.

How can others become more aware or involved with Code for Nepal?

They can send us a message or fill our volunteer from online. They can also help through donations or just by sharing our products and providing feedback on how we can improve. Follow this link for more details.