Data Fellowship has allowed me to indulge myself with guided and self-started projects

10 May 2021 - Nigin Pun

Launching a Fellowship program to build data skills of over 500 Nepalis globally

If you ask me if my gap year has taught me anything significant, I’d say that seeking knowledge continuously is the one thing that has stayed with me.

And Code for Nepal came at the right time to act as a bridge when I was searching for ways to learn data science for free! How?

Code for Nepal launched its fellowship program where fellows would get access to DataCamp for $0!

I felt like I hit the jackpot and I didn’t think twice before applying because I knew it was the right fit for me. DataCamp as part of its global effort to build data skills donated thousands of subscriptions to organizations and schools globally.

As a fellow at Code for Nepal, I got access to a multitude of courses and resources via Data Fellowship which let me dive deep into the data world like never before.

It was euphoric to re-learn courses interactively which I had learned via different online courses that were like traditional classes but on a computer!

But with Datacamp, I could code simultaneously while getting instructions. Subsequently, my learning time grew exponentially!

I had the time of my life exploring Business Analytics courses during my gap year.

Frustrated, I started recording my eating habits on an excel sheet and visualized it to find patterns between my diet and its influence on my sinus problem.

Finding that dairy products and low water consumption was related to surged congestion and toothache, I changed my diet and increased water consumption to improve my health.

I also increased my yoga time after noticing a pattern between reduced toothache and increased yoga duration.

Subsequently, my interest in Analytics grew even more. I plan to utilize the robust analytics program at Datacamp to shape solutions to people’s problems like I did for myself.

Datacamp has courses that have helped me leverage data tools, maintaining databases, and creating and managing data analytics that helps me connect dots between marketing and analytics, improving my problem-solving skills.

Using the tools, I was able to identify students’ major issues (analysis) and address them in collaboration with our startup- TheVidhwan’s- student ambassadors by acquiring and analyzing 300 student data.

During college, I aspire to continue connecting the dots between marketing and analytics thereby improving my problem-solving skills. Through analysis and models, I want to create patterns and unravel mysteries about people’s behavior to have a deeper understanding of their problems.

And through marketing, I plan to shape creative ideas to connect and communicate with people.

The Data Fellowship has allowed me to indulge myself with guided and self-started projects which adds a whole new perspective to my experience as I tackle real-world scenarios.

And Datacamp has made it easy enough for me to execute such projects at the comfort of my home sipping coffee!

For my project, I collected, analyzed, and visualized company data of Pacific Human Resources Pvt. Ltd that is being used for the company’s marketing and its website.

Furthermore, the community that we have at Code for Nepal Fellowship is just what I needed while struggling with my project.

Our monthly session that is led by the founder himself allowed me to get my questions answered by him and other data professionals.

Capitalizing on the power of data has helped me realize how much progress we need to make as a country.

And for that reason, I am starting the change with myself and the people around me!