Code for Nepal and DataCamp Partnership: Empowering Data Literacy and Career Growth

11 Apr 2023 - Ayush Subedi

Code for Nepal is a non-profit organization that aims to increase digital literacy and access to technology in Nepal. We focus on providing training and resources for coding and data literacy, as well as advocating for policies and programs that support technology education and access. Code for Nepal also works to promote the use of technology to address social issues and improve the lives of Nepali people.

We introduced the Code for Nepal Data Fellowship in 2020, and this has been one of our success stories. Our partnership with DataCamp Donates enables our fellows access to an amazing learning platform that offers interactive courses in data science, analytics, and programming. Additionally, as part of the fellowship they also join a supportive community, collaborate with like-minded individuals, receive guidance from experienced mentors, and even earn an income. Fellows have the opportunity to share their knowledge and insights by writing blogs. We believe this program offers a unique chance for individuals to develop their skills and contribute to the tech industry in Nepal and globally.

DataCamp provides a range of courses on topics such as Python programming, data analysis, data visualization, machine learning, and many more. DataCamp courses are interactive and include hands-on coding exercises, quizzes, and projects that allow learners to apply their skills in real-world scenarios. The platform is designed to be user-friendly and accessible to learners of all levels, from beginners to experts. Additionally, DataCamp offers career tracks, skill assessments, and a personalized learning experience through its adaptive learning technology.

Recently, we surveyed our alumni to request information regarding if the Code for Nepal partnership with DataCamp helped them kickstart their career in data.

Most of the respondents stated that DataCamp helped them to learn or enhance their programming skills, specifically in Python, SQL, and data analysis. Some respondents are students who are still learning and looking for internships, while others secured jobs or internships after completing DataCamp courses. A few respondents also mentioned that DataCamp provided them with a platform to learn about AI/ML and big data. One respondent mentioned that DataCamp has been a crucial resource for them in developing their data analysis skills, and they were able to secure a full-time position at a clinical tech company.

From the survey responses, the following companies were mentioned where participants secured jobs or internships after learning through DataCamp: Accenture, Fusemachines, Cloudfactory, Cotiviti Nepal, Plieger Group, Mediflow Solutions, and Nimble Clinical Research. However, some participants did not mention the companies they secured jobs/internships with or were still seeking opportunities.

The responses provided by different individuals suggest that the partnership has helped them in various ways to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of data science, engineering, and analysis. Many individuals reported that DataCamp helped them to learn Python programming language, which is widely used in the field of data science, and also introduced them to various tools and modules available in Python, such as Numpy, Pandas, and Matplotlib.

Some individuals mentioned that DataCamp helped them gain SQL skills and provided them with a brief overview of the field of data engineering. Others reported that DataCamp helped them to hone their AI/ML skills, learn important concepts such as data manipulation, data visualization, machine learning algorithms, and deep learning techniques, and build practical projects to showcase their abilities to potential employers.

Many individuals expressed their gratitude towards DataCamp for providing them with an excellent platform to learn and improve their skills in data science, engineering, and analysis. They appreciated the interactive and impactful nature of the courses and projects, which helped them to test their understanding of the material and identify their areas of weakness. Some individuals also mentioned that DataCamp helped them to advance in their careers in data science and analysis.

The responses suggest that DataCamp has been a valuable resource for individuals interested in data science, engineering, and analysis, providing them with the necessary tools and knowledge to succeed in these fields.