Code for Nepal and DataCamp Donates - Data Fellowship 2023

25 Mar 2024 - Ayush Subedi

Code for Nepal continues its mission to enhance digital literacy and technology access in Nepal. Our focus remains on providing training, resources, and advocating for technology education and accessibility. Moreover, we aim to leverage technology to address societal issues and improve the lives of Nepali citizens.

In 2020, we initiated the Code for Nepal Data Fellowship, which has become one of our flagship programs. Through our partnership with DataCamp Donates , fellows gain access to a robust learning platform offering interactive courses in data science, analytics, and programming. Alongside, they join a supportive community, collaborate with peers, and receive guidance from experienced mentors. This program offers a unique opportunity for individuals to develop skills and contribute to Nepal’s tech landscape and beyond.

This article summarizes our success with DataCamp Donates for the year 2023.

Key Statistics

421 learners on DataCamp
Adoption score of 91%
1.3 million XPs from top 10 learners
6 major meetups
25+ Jobs/Internships acheived
1 amazing year


In Person Meetups

The Code for Nepal fellows meetup in 2023 was a huge success. It wasn’t an average gathering - it was a lively event where fellows got to have insightful discussions with accomplished young data professionals like Suranjan Rana Magar, Prakash Dhakal, Labbi Karmacharya, Subritt Burlakoti, and Sunny Shah. These talks weren’t just about saying hello; they were opportunities for fellows to dig deep into data science, analysis, and engineering. Each conversation allowed them to ask important questions, share ideas, and gain valuable insights for their future work. They discussed DataCamp, job opportunities, academic papers, machine learning, reality of job market etc.

Beyond just sharing knowledge, the meetup was a bustling place for networking and community building. It helped forge lasting connections and partnerships that go beyond geographical boundaries and career paths.

Special thanks to Dibyesh Giri, for sharing his inspiring journey with Oho Cake, and Roshan Ghimire, for sharing the incredible origin story of Code For Nepal.

Virtual Event

Code for Nepal fellows network with Nirmal Budhatholi, Senior Data Scientist, Microsoft

Our virtual event featured Nirmal Budhathoki, a seasoned professional with diverse experience in tech, including work with the US government and as a US Army veteran. Nirmal shared valuable insights on data science toolkit and essential skills, engaging in an interactive Q&A session, providing guidance for aspiring data scientists. He shared valuable insights on the Data Science Toolkit, Top Skills for Data Science, including T-shaped and Pi-shaped skills. Our interactive Q&A session with attendees was both engaging and enlightening. Our fellows loved him !!!

Articles written by the fellows


Data Crunch 2024

Data Crunch 2024 was another major success for us this year. Most of the participants were previous or present Code For Nepal fellows. The team comprised a dynamic mix ranging from seasoned professionals to budding enthusiasts, with many of them being engineering, AI, and data students (We also had a team with a eighth grader). They all delivered amazing projects, showcasing the immense potential of data-driven solutions in addressing Nepal’s most pressing challenges. The event saw the convergence of creativity and technology as teams delved into diverse domains such as environment, healthcare, transportation, and beyond. From dynamic dashboards, amazing statistical models, to intricate Machine Learning models, the projects presented at Data Crunch 2024 were both diverse and impactful.

With NRs. 50,000 for the first-place winners, NRs. 30,000 for the second-place team, and NRs. 20,000 for the third-place recipients, Data Crunch 2024 provided not only recognition but also tangible support for further development and refinement of the ideas presented. We had a budget of NRs. 100,000 for this hackathon, and we are proud to have spent all of it as cash prizes. A very special shoutout to Cloudfactory, for providing us the venue and delicious meal to our participants.

First Prize Winning Project


Khetala is a crop recommendation service with a primary aim of helping farmers decide which crops to plant based on different factors including yield, soil profile, weather and market price.

Second Prize Winning Project

Ground Water Predictor

GW-predictor is a research project written in Python that aims to predict the groundwater discharge potential at any coordinate specified. At the moment, the project is trained for Kathmandu Valley and ready to use for predicting discharge within Kathmandu. Training and testing of Gaussian Process Model is implemented in jupyter lab interface with the use of python package GPy.

Third Prize Winning Project

Wild Watch

This project aims to boost safety along Nepal’s wildlife habitats bordering human settlements using object detection technique. It spots dangerous animals and alerts authorities or nearby communities for swift action, focusing on areas near national parks, wildlife reserves, and forests.

A fork of these projects are in Code For Nepal repository. Anyone can open a PR to contribute more.

DataCamp Donates

Our partnership with DataCamp aligns with our organization’s mission to democratize access to data literacy, particularly within marginalized communities. We have witnessed the transformative impact of providing data skills to underserved populations in enabling them to navigate an increasingly data-driven world. Through our past partnership with DataCamp Donates, we have seen tangible benefits for numerous individuals who have gained valuable skills and opportunities for personal and professional growth.

The success stories emerging from our partnership with DataCamp Donates are truly inspiring. From individuals securing new job opportunities to others using their newfound skills to drive innovation within their communities, the ripple effects of this collaboration are profound. Code For Nepal is immensely grateful for this partnership.

Testimonials from our fellows

Sadhana Panthi

The DataCamp Donates scholarship played a pivotal role in my journey as a freelancer in machine learning and data science tasks. The interactive tutorials and coding workspace provided a conducive environment for learning and practicing.

Ujjwal Khadka

DataCamp provided me with the necessary skills in data engineering which helped me secure a full-time job as a Data Engineer.

Sachin Shrestha

I used DataCamp to learn data analysis, primarily focusing on Excel and Python. The interactive learning platform and engaging content helped me gain valuable skills, enabling me to secure a full-time job as a Data Analyst.

Sujan Gauchan

Before gaining access to DataCamp through Code For Nepal, I had no knowledge of coding with Python or statistics required in Data Science. The courses provided a structured learning path, making it easier for me to grasp Python and build a foundation for my journey in Data Science.

Shreesh Bhattarai

DataCamp provided me with the perfect platform to pursue my interest in data science and mathematics. The courses offered a comprehensive learning experience, allowing me to build a strong foundation in probability, statistics, and data science concepts.

Manjul Tamrakar

DataCamp Donates scholarship played a pivotal role in my journey and our team's success in AICrusade 2023 hackathon. The scholarship ignited my passion for data science, and the courses I took instilled in me valuable problem-solving and teamwork skills. These skills proved invaluable as I collaborated with my teammates, who handled the model training. I focused on designing a user-friendly and intuitive UI, utilising Next.js as a frontend framework, ensuring the project was accessible and engaging for users. DataCamp's comprehensive courses equipped me with the knowledge and confidence to tackle this challenge effectively, and I'm incredibly proud of our team's achievement in winning the environment track.

Job Placements (Internships, Freelance, Part time and Full time)

New Job Titles

  • Data Engineer
  • Researcher
  • Clinical Data Analyst
  • Quality Assurance Engineer
  • Organizer of Datathon
  • Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Analyst
  • Monitoring and Evaluation Officer
  • Associate Software Engineer